How a student trustee’s idea flowed to New York and Yale

Sarah Chun and her friends didn’t like the stigma and shame their peers were dealing with at their old high school a few years ago.

When online learning goes viral

Up until this spring, Niagara high school teacher Dave Poirier had never used TikTok before.

One day to reopen school and rebuild community

When Toronto’s Secord Elementary School once again had to close in spring 2021 because of COVID-19, principal George Vlahos said it wasn’t just a building closing, but a community hub.

Lesson planning and vaccine tracking

Jonathan Clodman was juggling enough in his young teaching life this year in Toronto.

Building community in a virtual world

When K-6 Toronto teacher Curtis Dardaine reflected on this past year, he thought of a quote he tries to live by.

Raising the profile of Indigenous issues

Raise the profile: that’s the overall goal of Elaine Johnston, Ontario’s Indigenous Trustees Council chair and OPSBA’s First Nations director.

Building a new kind of graduation – literally

Two weeks before graduation at Central Algoma Secondary School, physical education teacher Ray Gowlett’s daughter and best friend asked if he could deliver their diplomas on a local outdoor stage, hoping for some semblance of the storied tradition.

Uploading a new way of learning

When French teacher Steve Massa decided to put some of his lessons on YouTube when school shut down in the spring, he’ll be the first to admit he could’ve looked into it further.